The New HTC EVO 4G: An Android Phone Designed For Geeks

What makes this thing better than any other device out there including the iPhone? (again, we’re talking hardware here)

Which does not make it better than the iPhone. Sheesh. How long before this sinks in?

Despite all Apple’s taught us about the sum of the parts being greater then the whole, and the complete experience determining a user’s satisfaction with a device, we still have geeky pundits drooling over tech marketing checklists. As if the spec sheet makes the device. It does not.

If this was the hardware in the next iPhone, how many of you out there would be upset?

Perhaps none, but that’s because it would still be the iPhone, offering the iPhone’s smooth integration and attention to detail. Shouldn’t that be an easy thing to understand by now?

I think Android phones should focus on getting the user experience right before chasing their marketing group’s buzz words. Then again, if you’re a phone designed for geeks you don’t have to bother, I guess.

3 thoughts on “The New HTC EVO 4G: An Android Phone Designed For Geeks

  1. Joshua, But the quote about it being specifically about hardware is what prompted my post in the first place. It’s NOT just about hardware, and it’s silly to make that point. Who cares if it’s the latest and greatest if you can’t use the thing, or it’s clunky?My post was specifically about NOT separating hardware from the software. IT seems to me when that’s the only way you can compare to an iPhone a device is in trouble already.

  2. If you notice in the first 9 to 5 Mac quote he specifically says that he is talking only about hardware. The EVO 4G IS better than iPhone when it comes to hardware specs. Is it so hard to understand that? Of course iPhone will always be better because of its software, build quality, etc. The point of the 9 to 5 Mac post was not to suggest that iPhone is failing or that EVO 4G was the new best phone. It was to offer a look at what the competition is bringing to the table and what iPhone might incorporate in the future. I’m just saying: you don’t have to be so harsh in every post.

  3. I think any one interested in the smart phones that includes geeks and non-geeks would be excited of this phone. Especial those in the cities that will be able to take advantage of the 4g speed. Go take a look here –…Look at the iPhone beside the EVO and nexus-one. The iPhone desperately needs a freshen up. There is a benifit to the fragmentation of the Android platform as a consumer as will constantly be getting a stream of new and enhanced phones. With iPhone they only come once a year.

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