Apple Friends and Foes: iPsychology 101

It’s the friends [of Apple] who are more befuddling. There are hundreds of journalists and bloggers covering the Apple beat… If they can’t prove themselves to be smarter and more insightful, their stock goes down.

Great article. Regarding the “friends” of Apple, don’t rule out how many of them try to prove they’re “not biased”, and not simply “fanbois”.

Apple bashers form a decent chunk of even a pro-Apple blogs’ visitors. Many of these sites are only too happy to throw them a bone now and then. I dislike it, but it’s a trend that began a few years ago, and it’s not likely to stop for most sites.

What’s sad is that the kind of community Apple had a dozen years ago — the one you could argue held things together during Apple’s darkest times — doesn’t exist any more. Were those times to reappear they’d be the first to cut and run.