Does the Name “iPad” Still Suck? No, But Complaints About It Still Do

CoM readers were underwhelmed by the choice of iPad, 51% of the 1,380 readers who answered our poll on Jan. 27 gave the moniker a “meh” while just 17% said the name “rocks.”

How is it we bought IBM and Lenovo ThinkPads all these years without ever criticizing the name? How did we ever use mouse pads without giggling? TechCrunch fooled us for over a year with the CrunchPad and everyone was on board, nary a chuckle.

Point is, the iPad name is fine; the “pad” argument exists only because it’s Apple. Some people just want to have something to say, and others are looking for page hits. You certainly don’t have to like the name any more than some other product name, but the usual reason given for criticism is beyond ridiculous.

4 thoughts on “Does the Name “iPad” Still Suck? No, But Complaints About It Still Do

  1. Um, grow up? Do you titter when someone says titter or abreast. Um, grow up. First, there is such a thing as a pad (apartment, writing sheets of paper, knee, shoulder, etc, etc …) – if the ONLY PAD in this world was a feminine product, it might not cause me to laugh but I would agree that it’s not he best name but since we have legal and writing pads, WTH is your problem? It’s not the greatest name but it’ll do and anyone who thinks of feminine pads when someone says hand me a pad has got really, really big issues.

  2. Oh Tom, posts like these, with great observations, keep me reading your site. Thanks!The iPad name is great. Sounds like an Apple product and that is a very good thing. Way better branding then, “Windows Phone 7 Series Deluxe Super Duper Really We Got It Right This Time”.

  3. sfmitch,First, sounding close to “iPod”, a device that has sold hundreds of millions of units, is a GOOD thing. I doubt that fact escaped Apple. Second, the whole woman’s product argument is the one I say is ridiculous. ThinkPad, CrunchPad, etc., and no one ever cared. It’s just a lame joke now because it’s Apple. It became a meme, but it’s a silly one.Finally, Apple doesn’t WANT it so sound “cool” or “techy”. None of their names do. They leave that to Dell and HP and Sony with their XSV-1500-Y designations and other similar number puzzles. With Apple, it’s not about tech, nor is it supposed to be.

  4. Sorry, but I must disagree.iPad just isn’t a good name. First it sounds way to close to iPod.Second, having the same name as a parody (parody came 1st) of a high tech woman’s product just isn’t a good idea.Third, it doesn’t sound cool or high-techy.It is not just the anti-Apple people who are making fun of the name. I see existing Apple owners (happy ones), harsh on the name iPad all the time.All that said – I can’t wait to get my iPad!!!!! Is it Saturday, yet???

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