Apple Details iPad’s File Sharing Feature


How-to procedures, and answering a few questions.

What I like best is that files are transferred to/from the device immediately (i.e., no sync is required).

3 thoughts on “Apple Details iPad’s File Sharing Feature

  1. numist,Sync still serves the same purpose it always did: for music, podcasts, contacts, calendars, TV shows, photos, and the plethora of other items one can sync with the device.I like that with file sharing, they chose drag and drop file transfer instead of using sync. If one is just copying a couple files, why go through the whole sync process?As for confusion, I agree with you. One wonders why, since sync is not required, it’s necessary to use iTunes for file sharing at all. I suspect it’s because iTunes already has the “guts” to communicate with an iPad, so it was faster and easier to do it there than build something at the Finder level.

  2. “What I like best is that files are transferred to/from the device immediately (i.e., no sync is required).”so why bother with intentional sync at all outside of software updates? all this seems to do is break up syncing into multiple types of sync, requiring that the user track “what syncs at connect-time” versus “what you have to sync on purpose”. it’s just adding unecessary complexity that’s going to confuse and aggravate the non-techies.sure, in an ideal world all sync would happen silently over Bluetooth whenever you’re within range of your computer or something, but I don’t think that breaking up syncing improves anything.I’m not saying that it shouldn’t sync when it’s connected, I just think that it’s silly that it doesn’t sync everything when it’s connected instead of just some subset of things that usually sync when you tell it to explicitly.

  3. I bought a PDF reader – goodreader and it used this system = It worked.

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