Hey Apple: When iDisk for iPad is Available, Please Use File Sharing.

The iPad’s file sharing capability is nice, but it requires iTunes, so it’s really only good for the machine the iPad is synced to. To share files with other machines I can use iWork.com or email, but a direct read/write approach would be more useful.

I think that should begin with iDisk.

The iPhone’s iDisk app has been around a while. You see all the files, but it’s a read-only gig. That’s fine for the iPhone, where editing documents is not very practical (sorry, Documents To Go, it’s true). The iPad changes that.

I want iDisk for iPad to list every installed app that can share files (like iTunes does). When I tap one, show me the app’s files on the iPad, and let me copy them to the iDisk. Likewise, I want to copy files from the iDisk to the app’s iPad directory.

C’mon Apple, make this happen. You haven’t released iDisk for iPad yet; I hope this is what you’re working on.

8 thoughts on “Hey Apple: When iDisk for iPad is Available, Please Use File Sharing.

  1. Great question, request, and post I couldn’t agree more. Apple needs to get busy on a new iDisk app for iPad!

  2. As Meg Ryan said in “Harry Met Sally” YES YES YES!!!!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I was looking for info about Pages/iPad and iDisk … I was hoping what you asked for was possible, but I guess not yet. Perhaps by the time iPads are released in my country, it might be. 🙂

  4. Couldn’t agree more. Its absolutely ridiculous that I can’t access my data on the iDisk that I pay Apple for to the tune of $100/year. I want read/write access yesterday.

  5. I agree this would be all i need to use the ipad all day long

  6. I back you on that. Apple seems to be a bit reluctant in releasing the iDisk app for iPad. I tried Apple’s iWork Pages on iPad. It is incredible except that I couldn’t access and edit files in my iDisk.

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