Paul Thurrott: Pot, Meet Kettle

I’m glad to see that my initial reactions to this thing were accurate. Anyone who believes this thing is a game changer is a tool. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is… That so few early reviews called this out says a lot about those reviewers.

It’s laughable for Thurrott to call out other reviewers — many of which he refers to as “Friends of Apple”, as if he’s not Microsoft’s BFF — for their reviews.

The only serious doubters at this stage are the idealogical ones, and Thurrott isn’t even railing against that:

  • He wants four (4!) speakers in the thing so it’s always stereo no matter how you turn it? You’re not getting stereo with speakers just a few inches apart. Any real music lover could tell you that.
  • He clings to widescreen as if bestowing computers with such screens was ever more than a cost-saving measure. A 16:9 screen is worse for every task you do except watching video.
  • And then there’s his usual criticism that it’s an Apple product, so people want it only because of Apple’s super hypnotic powers. Or something. Seriously, Thurrott wanders into tin foil hat territory sometimes.

His silly notes, which will form the basis of an equally silly review, culminate in the quote above. It’s astonishing that Mr. Pot, the Microsoft über shill, would feel he’s in any position to call out any other reviewer on anything.

6 thoughts on “Paul Thurrott: Pot, Meet Kettle

  1. Is it really a surprise? #Dentite Thurrott practically written the review long before the iPad was released.

  2. I love it when Paul gives opinions/reviews like this. It just means it will sell like hotcakes. Its like whatever he likes, does not sell and whatever he hates sells. Cool eh?

  3. I agree. Paul’s review was short-sighted and childish and made him look like a buffoon. On the other hand, he still wants one.

  4. Who cares? Paul also gave the iPhone similar comments on its debut. He reminds me of the black knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail who keep proclaiming “it’s just a flesh wound” as his opponent lops off each of his limbs one at a time.

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