The iPad as a productivity tool

Bottom line? My first impressions of the iPad as a productivity tool are pretty good… In addition to Office tasks I also used SketchBook Pro and PhotoGene to both create and edit graphics and photos. Both allowed a degree of sophistication not found in their iPhone counterparts.

Pundits and reviewers alike are starting to realize (some of them begrudgingly) that the iPad is closer to a laptop replacement than they had thought was the case. To me it seemed obvious the iPad could do “serious work”.

I think for most geeks (i.e., the people who write and read these reviews), letting go of a laptop is a few iterations off. However, I believe the fact that it performs respectably for them means it can be a laptop replacement for millions of non-geeks. They just don’t know it yet.

1 thought on “The iPad as a productivity tool

  1. “letting go of a laptop is a few iterations off” I quite agree while I’m not hardcore multi task I do use IM and IRC, everything else is web based.

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