Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


I brought a PC home from work for working full-time out of the home office. In my office space is limited, so the supplied, wired keyboard/mouse were a problem. I want something small and elegant, something like the Apple Wireless Keyboard…

The AWK is Bluetooth, and I could slap a BT card in the PC and buy one, but I’m limiting expenses, so I’d prefer a wireless USB solution. I didn’t have high hopes.

At Best Buy I glance at the keyboards and am drawn to the Microsoft Arc. It’s tiny (a bit bigger than the AWK, but not by much) and beautiful. It’s plastic, not aluminum, but it’s $10 less, looks great and, being from Microsoft, I’m confident in the quality (they make good peripherals).

I get it and the Arc Mouse, plug them in and they just work. Very happy with this combination. It has Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys, though uses a rocker for the arrows and there are no media keys except volume. It’s got a great typing feel, like the AWK. All in all I’m thrilled with these.