The iPad is for readers

What I’ve mostly been doing on the iPad is reading, because this much-ballyhooed harbinger of the future turns out to be the ideal device for that most old-fashioned of leisure activities.

With all the back-and-forth questioning whether the iPad can do “serious work” (it can), here’s a great take on one of its other capabilities.

This is what I’m most looking forward to when I get mine. Yes, I plan to do most of my writing/blogging on it, but I read on my iPhone all the time, and think the iPad will be a huge leap over that already enjoyable experience.

1 thought on “The iPad is for readers

  1. I have been so occupied with web surfing, gaming, and media watching (Netflix, ABC) on my iPad that I have almost forgotten about iBooks. It’s a beautiful app and I really must set some time aside to truly try it out.

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