This is not a sign of anything: iPhone OS 4 Search branding removed in Safari

iLounge has pointed out that the “Google” branded search button in mobile Safari has been renamed “Search” in iPhone OS 4. Is this a sign that Apple is about to dump Google from mobile search?

No, it’s not.

Geez, the conspiracy kooks are out in force because Safari’s search button no longer says “Google” in iPhone OS 4.0, but rather just “Search”.

Gads! Apple hates Google. It’s a bitter, no-holds-barred war. Apple must be ready to introduce their own search engine. Quick, what other knee-jerk response can we get in before reality settles in?!!

The truth is the search button is only labeled Google if Google is the chosen search engine. I use Yahoo! as default on my iPhone; I’ll give you three guesses what the button’s labeled.

Bottom line is calling it Search makes a ton of sense. No conspiracy, no corporate smack down, no overriding new strategy. Get a grip, people.

4 thoughts on “This is not a sign of anything: iPhone OS 4 Search branding removed in Safari

  1. Matt,It just means they introduced this in iPhone OS 3.2, not 4.0. Further, you’ll see the grey search engine name in the text search field still shows Google or Yahoo!. It’s only the button that changed, and “Search” makes a boatload of sense.

  2. The iPad OS keyboard has a “search” button instead of a “google” button even when google is the selected search engine. There may be a little more to this, but i would agree it’s not because Apple is entering the search market.

  3. Google may think that way, but I doubt it. Perhaps some “Google Evangelist” will even rail against Apple now; it seems to be the thing to do lately.For Apple, however, I see it as a practical change, nothing more, nothing less.

  4. oh I’m sure it’s a lil middle finger to Google by making that particular keyboard more neutral should it appear in screenshots in the future

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