Google To Offer Their Own Tablet Computer?

Google… is soon expected to begin selling its version of a slate computer, like Apple’s iPad

What a shock. Google has become downright Microsoftian in that figuring out their business plan for the next 6-12 months is as simple as looking at what Apple’s doing today.

The good news is the alleged tablet is claimed to be running Android, not Chrome OS. The even better news is that it appears Google is willing to lift their silly restrictions on the Android marketplace for tablet devices.

Google doesn’t really want to lift those restrictions. They prefer you be on the web performing searches, not running apps and bypassing the ads they serve up. Still, with the iPad ecosystem out there it would be tough to compete with a web-only device, especially since the iPad is also great at serving up web pages.

Google needed to rethink their mobile strategy. Continue to improve Chrome (the browser), and make Android (and its apps) their smartphone and non-smartphone OS. In other words, have a unified mobile strategy instead of two OSes with nothing in common. Maybe this is the start of that. Then all they need to do is kill off Chrome OS and use those developer talents elsewhere.

Even with the above, we don’t know if they’ll have a real competitor to the iPad, but they’ll be in a far better position than anyone else.

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  1. I knew Google will do what Microsoft already does: Copy Apple.

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