What can we learn from the “moderated” Windows SuperSite blog?

The iPad is a big iPod touch, not a computer.

Forget the article, just read the comments, in which Thurrott states the above, and even more ridiculous things.

There are two things about Thurrott we can learn from this article on the new, “moderated” Windows SuperSite:

  • He defines “moderate” as “Keep the IT luddites and Windows fans I pander to; Apple supporters need not apply”. 
  • His mind is incredibly, surprisingly, naively, and embarrassingly (it should be to him, anyway) closed.

Remember when tech pundits used to lead the charge for change, and get excited about new, powerful technologies that made things easier for non-technicians? Yeah, me neither.

4 thoughts on “What can we learn from the “moderated” Windows SuperSite blog?

  1. I have been called a fanboy of just about every tech and platform out there. I guess that makes me unbiased.

  2. qka,I’m an old fart, too (did you see in my little bio the computer I started with)? I think the times when most pundits actually led the charge for change ended pretty much the minute we actually GOT the pundits in the first place. Once they became “experts” at DOS, or Windows, or UNIX, etc., it was all about defending turf.

  3. Thurrott is just a Microsoft shill and should be ignored. I think the people involved with creating the first personal computer have a little more say as to what is a personal computer. What has Thurrott done? How has he advanced technology?

  4. You say too many nice things about Paul Thurrott.I remember when tech writers used to lead the charge for change. But then again, I’m an old fart by the standards of this industry

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