A New Site: Steve Jobs Sez

With the recent hubbub over Steve Jobs responding to emails, combined with various quotes of his throughout the years, I’ve taken an idea and created a new site called Steve Jobs Sez specifically to hold his own words.

I present his words without comment; the reader is free to extract whatever meaning he or she chooses. If you hate Jobs, most of these entries will provide “proof” of his arrogance and smugness. If you like Jobs they’ll provide “proof” of his brilliance and vision. No matter which side you fall on, it’s hard not to see some of Jobs’ statements reveal a shortness of temper, or lack of patience, with a world that isn’t moving as quickly as he’d like.

The site’s just started, and the initial 20+ entries are in no order. By all means offer suggestions and, even more importantly, if you have emails/quotes of Jobs you’d like to see included send them to me.

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