HP Slate is ‘meh’

[Conecti.ca’s] conclusion? “The official verdict is meh.” Yeah, ouch. Apparently the Slate’s biggest strength is also its greatest weakness — it’s essentially a touchscreen netbook, and that means that while it can run everything including Flash, it can be “slow and annoying.

Can this possibly be a surprise to anyone not in denial? These doofus Windows tablet devices are netbooks with the keyboard snapped off. Using a desktop OS not only too bloated to run well on their relatively slow processors, but unable to fully realize the experience of a touch UI.

The old ones sucked. The new ones suck. Future ones are gonna suck.

Bill Gates said you can’t just build a new OS for tablets, but he was wrong. It was wrong about tablets eight years ago, and it’s still wrong today. It’s actually sad to see a company like HP follow a path that a decade of devices has proved time and again is… wrong.

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  1. “almost as portable as a phone, and as powerful as a PC running Windows 7″.

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