Adobe Flash doesn’t run on the iPhone, iPad, or anywhere mobile.

That said, many major websites still do not support HTML 5 fully, so iPhone and iPad users will contine to have a broken experience when it comes to the Web.

And so will every other mobile platform user.

With the possible exception of a Nokia device only 50 people have heard of, there’s nothing that has a Flash experience like the desktop (i.e., the kind Adobe likes to brag about). And Adobe has already stated smartphones pre-installed with this alleged support have been pushed back to the last half of the year.

Meanwhile, the JooJoo (with better hardware than the average smartphone), runs the infamous Flash 10.1 — allegedly the saving grace of Flash on mobile devices — and the results are horrendous. Adobe distanced themselves from the JooJoo as fast as they could, but shortly thereafter pushed back the date as mentioned above.

I have no issue with everybody pointing out that Flash doesn’t run on the iPad/iPhone. I do have an issue with those people not mentioning in the same breath that neither does anybody else to speak of.

Adobe can’t get Flash to work on mobiles, and have delivered nothing but promises. How about taking them to task for that instead of pointing out that today’s devices don’t run what doesn’t exist?

3 thoughts on “Adobe Flash doesn’t run on the iPhone, iPad, or anywhere mobile.

  1. And by the time Adobe gets Flash 10.1 out the door (which still won’t run all Flash content) Apple will likely have 100 million iPhone OS users out there while Flash 10.1 will be almost starting from zero.

  2. Exactly right. That was the essence of my comment on the thread over at Technologizer.

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