Gizmodo is even dumber than I thought (and so is Woz)

But without Steve Wozniak, there would be no iPad. There would be no Apple as we know it today.


Wow, the depths to which Gizmodo’s ignorance runs is deeper than the Mariana trench.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Steve Jobs would be millionaire (actually, billionaire) even if he’d never met Woz. Meanwhile, had Woz not been dragged kicking and screaming into Apple he would’ve been laid off at HP as soon as they could no longer sell calculators at $400 a pop. Remember, HP wasn’t interested in Woz’s computer designs.

The idea that Jobs wouldn’t be changing industries if he hadn’t met Woz is laughable. And the idea that Woz would be a success on his own is equally laughable. All you have to do is look at what each has accomplished without the other. Even the brain-dead staff at Gizmodo could figure it out of they wanted to, but that wouldn’t make what passes as a “story” over there.

As for Woz, I don’t care what one thinks of his engineering skills, he’s an ass for wearing that t-shirt.

14 thoughts on “Gizmodo is even dumber than I thought (and so is Woz)

  1. Heh. The NeXT OS is Mac OS X, the OS kicking ass right now. Then there’s the original Mac, Pixar, and the boatload of stuff done in his second term at Apple. All of this while Woz was out riding his Segway. It’s one thing to argue that Jobs is “psycho” and, apparently, just lucky that all this success came his way despite a changing cast of characters except Jobs himself. That argument defies logic, but go with it. It’s quite another to ascribe to Woz qualities he does not possess.

  2. The cult of Jobs is strong here. Steve ripped off Woz numerous times, and nearly destroyed his own career in the early 90s with his behavior and decisions. Steve Jobs would be managing a Kinko’s without Jobs.Do you really think a psycho like him would fit in at IBM or anywhere else? With out the air of success, no one would have listened to him.Hell, look at NeXt, something rather shy of a success I would say.

  3. “His source would have been the Apple designs from somebody else. That’s my point; it didn’t have to be Woz, Jobs would have found another designer.”———-And I think that’s where your theory derails. I’m not sure Jobs could have worked with anyone that wasn’t somewhat complacent, non-business oriented, pliable. Success has a certain magical quality and the Jobs/Woz partnership had that.

  4. James,”it is a lot easier to change the world with millions of dollars at your disposal”Tell that to Apple’s competitors, who have millions (or billions) of dollars and can’t do squat.”Without the original Apple designs from Woz, Steve Jobs would have had to find another source of funding”His source would have been the Apple designs from somebody else. That’s my point; it didn’t have to be Woz, Jobs would have found another designer.

  5. While I don’t disagree with your general sentiment I will say that it is a lot easier to change the world with millions of dollars at your disposal. Without the original Apple designs from Woz, Steve Jobs would have had to find another source of funding. That isn’t that easy to do. Luck does play a part in everyones life.

  6. Tom, I’m in 100% agreement with you – Woz was just in the right place at the right time. Steve Jobs is the man with the ideas and the leader.Giz I’d prefer to ignore, they are low-lifes.

  7. PXLated,In my other piece on Woz I give him all the credit in the world for his Apple I and II designs, and say he’s earned every cent he made (and continues to make) from Apple as a result. But that’s got nothing to do with this. Jobs wouldn’t have changed the world without Woz? How can you say that when he _has_. A few times. He would have then, too. His track record since then makes that clear. And where was Woz when Apple was dying in the 90s? You saw hide nor hair of him. Then Jobs comes in, saves the company, and suddenly there’s Woz, cashing in with a book called iWoz. Talk about capitalizing on something you had nothing to do with to make a buck. How tacky can you get? As for the t-shirt, if Nick Denton or Jason Chen were wearing it there’d be howls of protest from the Apple community, but since it’s Woz apparently they don’t care. Ah, he’s just so lovable and cute.Excuse me while I puke. I almost expect Denton or Chen to wear a shirt like that, they revealed their character by outing the guy in the first pace. But I expect Woz _not_ to wear it for these reasons: * He has no claim to being a “journalist” or reporter (the excuse Gizmodo uses) so he has no reason to mention the name. * While the Apple engineer probably doesn’t care if the Gizmodo morons wear the shirt, don’t you think he might have some respect for Woz? Well, if he did he shouldn’t any more. * As a fellow engineer, wouldn’t you think Woz would have some sense of not taking shots at the guy? * Woz should be old enough and wise enough to know better. * He’s an Apple employee. What in heavens name is he doing blasting another one? Heck, the shirt is bad enough, but the picture with him swigging a beer and holding an iPhone makes it even more classless. I can’t believe some people expect so little of Woz just because he designed a couple of great computers 25 years ago. The shirt is classless no matter who wears it. Whew! As you can see, we won’t see eye to eye on this. That’s fine, honest disagreements are what make life interesting. By all means get in the last word, I’ve said my piece and do appreciate your comments.

  8. While I agree that the Apple engineer shouldn’t have been outed, you come across as an oaf yourself. While Woz has been irrelevant for a long time I think you’re giving him a slight he doesn’t deserve and Jobs more credit than due for that period in time. Yes, Jobs would have been successful no matter what as he’s driven but wouldn’t necessarily have been at something that changed the world.

  9. I agree with Tom. Woz had nothing to do with OS X, which is now what makes a Mac what it is.

  10. Scott,Actually, in my opinion Woz’s Apple II was a more brilliant design, but in any case Apple would have had a computer design from somebody else if not Woz. Jobs is driven to be successful, and has been so many times, with many engineers and software developers. Most of his successes didn’t require Woz; to assume it was a requirement in the early days is silly.THAT is my point.

  11. Apple Computer would not exist without Wozniak designing the Apple I computer; end of discussion. I’m not sure what your point is?

  12. The Apple engineer never should have been outed by name in the first place. To have Woz wear his name on a t-shirt like some big lovable oaf to get attention is insulting. It’s a shame Woz isn’t smart enough to understand this, or just doesn’t care since he only wants the attention.

  13. Wow, the vitriol. Somebody kicked your dog?I thought the shirt was great.

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