How many Android “apps” are even apps?

I find the Android market when compared to the App Store, to be a huge mess. I know Android is open and iPhone OS is closed, but that does not mean the Market has to be filled with app extensions, themes for your phone, and skins for your keyboard or home screen.


3 thoughts on “How many Android “apps” are even apps?

  1. deb,I think you accidentally published an Android Press Release in my comment section. :-/ For the record, I choose the app *I* want on the iPhone from a total of 225,000. And these are *native* apps, not the Java apps Android requires because Google will NOT allow native apps written by anyone but themselves. **Droid Never Did**

  2. There are thousands and more coming. It’s not a big mess. It is open so that makes it nice, I can choose which aps *I* want, not the other way around. Every month it is growing and growing. Just google to find out the number for today. **Droid Does**

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