iPad killers take a time-out

Looking back, I guess I gave the competition too much credit. It was a silly thing to do, and I promise it won’t happen again.

I haven’t seen HP confirm that the Slate is dead, but it makes no difference for this article. A decade of failure means the Slate will be dead out of the gate anyway.

I’m impressed that HP is taking action to truly get in the tablet game. Now that they have webOS, they should definitely kill the Slate. They need to focus on getting a tablet with webOS ready, and that’s likely to take a year. They don’t need the distraction of a failure in the marketplace to slow them down and tarnish their webOS offering.

1 thought on “iPad killers take a time-out

  1. Microsoft has been very generous with providing vaporware to their loyal, militant online fan base. For every Apple product, there is a Microsoft “prototype” that supplies enough excitement for their base to attack Apple with. But it ends there. Their loyal fans won’t get a courier or anything of the sort. The Zune will always be half baked and Windows Phone Series 7 has to be the greatest tech apology I have every seen (Yes, more so than Windows 7).

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