Adobe and their house of straw

Adobe says Apple is stifling competition by barring
developers from using Adobe’s products to create applications
for iPhones and iPads

What a bunch of whiners Adobe has become. A once-proud company resorting to begging the government to force Apple to owe it a living. It’s especially galling because Adobe won’t suck it up and admit to their own mistakes.

Instead, Adobe has chosen to expect help from others for their own bad business decisions.

Waa! We were wrong about Apple, and so busy building our house from that cash cow Creative Suite to see things changing. We never saw the mobile movement coming. Never bothered (and still haven’t bothered) to get Flash running on a mobile device. Now we’re completely unprepared. Our desktop behemoth won’t help us there, and if we don’t ride Apple’s coattails into the mobile space we’ll be blown down.

Adobe’s the little pig banging on the door of Apple’s house of bricks.

5 thoughts on “Adobe and their house of straw

  1. “In fact Apple could EASILY drive Adobe into bankruptcy by simply writing a Photoshop-killer, and if Adobe continues to an annoying mosquito, maybe Apple will do just that.”Hmm, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple is in fact doing that. If they built a Photoshop killer and price it at $99, it would spell the end of Photoshop. You already don’t need Acrobat with the free Preview program already installed in OSX

  2. Apple’s response to this latest insult from Adobe should be:1. Buy Quark and overhaul it in the same way it has done with Final Cut, Logic, etc. Lower the price and kill InDesign while maintaining the Publishing crowd with tools for whatever medium they choose.2. The same way they used webkit for Safari perhap they could leverage Gimp as an engine for an Apple customized graphics tool. They could give some of there work back the Open Source commuinity so that Photoshop and Illustrator never stand a chance with their enormous price tags.3. If gimp isn’t an option Buy ACD and use Canvas as their Photoshop and Illustrator killer.The irony is Adobe was more than willing to screw Apple when they were transitioning from Classic to OS-X. Actually OS-X exists in its current form because Adobe (and Microsoft) were unwilling to support the Rhapsody OS Plan. When Apple aproached Adobe to license their PDF rendering for use in their new OS Adobe came to the table with a price tag that was highway robbery. Adobe continued to screw Apple by killing products (Premeire), never developing products for the Mac, and by continuing to wait to the bitter end to rewrite their apps in Cocoa rather than carbon thus producing buggy, slow, or less than optimal software all the while Apple continued to highlight Photoshop in their performance bake offs. Adobe the chickens have come home to roost!Same thing is true with RIM and other cell phone manufacturers. The iphone might never have existed if you hadn’t treated Apple and their users like crap. It wasn’t until after the iPhone that RIM actually provided sync tools for their Blackberry’s, and they weren’t even produced in house! RIM’s solution prior to this run Windows in a Virtual PC just to sync your Blackberry. I would say Apple has learned their lesson and are unwilling to rely on anyone else to produce the hardware and software for their platform as history has shown that even the best of business partners are willing screw you over when it comes to chasing money.

  3. I don’t hear Wii developers whining that they have to use Wii tools to make games on that platform. Apple has every right to set up its products for a good user experience and Flash is well-known to be a pig. Unless there are memos where Steve is talking with glee about wanting to destroy Adobe, there is not malicious intent here. In fact Apple could EASILY drive Adobe into bankruptcy by simply writing a Photoshop-killer, and if Adobe continues to an annoying mosquito, maybe Apple will do just that.

  4. If Adobe’s main complaint is that Apple is “..barring developers from using Adobe’s products to create applications..” then they are a bunch of monkeys and typewriters in San Jose. Here’s why: long and short of it? Photoshop and Illustrator are the primary tools to create iPhone & iPad UI. I would venture to say that EVERY App in the AppStore has somehow been touched by those two Adobe products in their creation.Flash is a bit player for the web. Too bad Adobe bet the farm on a (to Mac users, crappy) browser plugin.-Drunken Economist

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