Reality Check: Netbook Sales Growth Slowing Drastically


The above chart speaks for itself.

The article makes a case that the iPad contributed to this, but it’s simply too soon to conclude anything like that.

I believe netbook growth keeps slowing as people find out what they really are: cheap cheap laptops. I don’t think the majority of people knew what they were getting. They expect these things to do what a desktop or laptop does, and are finding out it’s too slow and ill-equipped for the job. As it turns out, you really do get what you pay for.

A netbook may still be fine for a tech or gadget geek who’s prepared to deal with its limits, but not for the consumer who thinks they’re getting a good ol’ laptop when they’re not. I think the word is getting out, and the netbooks’ wild ride is over.

3 thoughts on “Reality Check: Netbook Sales Growth Slowing Drastically

  1. We will need to see what September 2010 will look like, but , certainly, the iPad is a better VALUE than a Netbook: similar price; does more.

  2. iPad or not, I think what the chart clearly shows is that netbooks were a fad that is quickly dying.

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