The iPad vs. Android’s fragmentation

That 20,000 sales figure is decent on its own, but it becomes much more impressive when putting it in context. Rohit tells us he’s had sales of about $100,000 from iPhone apps so far this year, and just $5,000 from Android apps…

When we were talking with Rohit, we asked about the relatively weak Android sales. Rohit blames it on Google’s lame Android Market, “Google does not provide web links that we can link to app — they have no store. Google being a web company, this is unacceptable.”

Rohit also says fragmentation is a problem on Android, saying “It’s really absurd, we have to buy all latest Android phones, test on all of them, each phone manufacturer makes some customizations as well.” But a new SDK is coming that should help with that.

The article is about the success of the developer with an iPad app, which is nice.

More interesting, however, is the state of Android app sales and the Market Place. It’s a real issue, but one Google has little real incentive to spend time and resources to address. Indeed, since it’s tied so closely to various carriers’ and hardware manufacturers’ business decisions regarding custom software, and differing update policies, it’s not even exclusively Google’s issue to address.