No surprise if Android phones are outselling the iPhone

Something like this was inevitable, given that:

  1. Two models of the iPhone (the 3GS and 3G) are doing battle with scads of Android handsets in an array of shapes and sizes;
  2. You can buy an Android phone for a lot less than an iPhone (the original Droid launched in November at the same contract price as an iPhone 3GS–now Amazon has ‘em for twenty bucks;
  3. Three out of four major U.S. wireless carriers still don’t have the iPhone.

The article nails it. There are too many makes/models of Android phones for this not to happen.

It’s not that big a deal from an iPhone perspective. The fragmentation of different models, different Android OS versions, different custom software, on carriers with different update policies, lessens the impact of their sheer number.

3 thoughts on “No surprise if Android phones are outselling the iPhone

  1. I think “Adroid outselling iPhone” thing can be attributed to the fact that Verizon is pushing people toward Android phones instead of the usual crap it offers.

  2. I like Roughly Drafted, and saw the piece, but I haven’t seen anyone yet suggest iPhone’s “reign is over”. The RD article also delves into what we’ve said for months: BOGO deals (Verizon), Android fragmentation, how Google doesn’t really have any incentive to “fix” issues with the platform, etc. Dilger expresses these very well, today and other days, and I’ve commented on them numerous times as well. The fact is Android was bound to overtake the iPhone at some point. It’s really no big deal to the iPhone. Heck, Thurrott and co. haven’t even crowed about it yet (though that will come soon enough). McCracken’s article focused primarily on the stat at hand, explaining why it was no surprise. That’s why I picked it.

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