Dear AT&T: February 19, 2011? Better check your computers.


Word is out that early iPhone 3GS buyers are getting their eligibility date for upgrades moved up from November of this year to June. Not everyone has it yet; it appears to be rolling out slowly.

I checked mine, and I don’t have it. Then again, I don’t have November either. I have next February. Huh? Where the heck did that date come from? I bought the 3GS on Day 1. From AT&T. But I’m not eligible until February? This could get ugly…

1 thought on “Dear AT&T: February 19, 2011? Better check your computers.

  1. I think it has to do with your plan. These earlier upgrades may have to with people on a more expensive plan. I have the February deadline also. I got the 2G phone on Day 1, the 3G phone on Day 1 and 3GS on Day 1. Of course, I paid the higher price (I made up by selling my old phone to a T-mobile user).

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