MobileMe Mail Beta: Google Chrome need not apply

Safari 4 (Mac and PC), Firefox 3.6 (Mac and PC), and Internet Explorer 8 (PC) are fully supported.

Well, well, well, look whose browser is not invited to Apple’s MobileMe Mail beta program.

Of course, there’s no Opera, either.

A lot could be made of this, but it’s probably nothing. It makes sense for Apple to focus the beta program on the latest IE and Firefox, as well as their own, browsers. But it’ll be interesting to see if Chrome gets a shout when Mail is out of beta.

3 thoughts on “MobileMe Mail Beta: Google Chrome need not apply

  1. Whether Chrome works or not doesn’t change the fact that it’s not _supported_. Further, Google Mail just introduced a drag and drop feature for images in Gmail. Only works on Chrome right now, so being WebKit isn’t enough to make a feature in one work in the other.

  2. Qka may be right. Google Chrome and Safari are based on WebKit and should work similarly. I don’t use MobileMe. With the exception of “Find my iPhone” I can do everything cheaper/free with alternatives.

  3. It doesn’t say Chrome is not supported. My suspicion is that Apple just didn’t bother testing Chrome. Since Chrome is based on Webkit, I think it will work at least reasonably well.

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