Adobe Brought An Advertisement To A Gun Fight

So where does that leave you? Well, to be frank, shit out of luck.

On one hand, there’s an urge to feel bad for you. You really are getting screwed here. On the other hand, you really did it to yourselves.

Good article.

The more Adobe whines, the less inclined any rational person should be to feel sorry for them. In fact, making this an issue of either pity or schadenfreude is pointless. Adobe’s a corporation, nothing more. As I’ve said before, Adobe made decisions that are coming back to haunt them. That’s life. And business.

It’s time for Adobe to put up or shut up. They need to deliver a great Flash mobile experience (not happening soon enough), or great iPhone OS apps (not happening, if Ideas and Photoshop for iPhone are any indication), or maybe even great HTML5 tools (so far it’s been lip service only). Instead, all they’ve delivered are complaints and promises, mixed in with advertisements and unimpressive demos that don’t help their case.