Google’s Chrome Web Store: “Open” or “Closed”?

Google is reminding us all that “apps” can and should run on the open web, and not just in closed, vertically integrated and controlled environments like the iPhone/Pad/Touch.

Is that what they’re reminding us of? Since Apple’s devices have a compliant web browser in Safari we’ll find out soon enough.

If the Chrome Web Store is truly about supplying apps that “should run on the open web” you’ll be able to use it on an “iPhone/Pad/Touch”. If not, then Google has just created a “closed, vertically integrated and controlled” environment of their own. If the latter, I wonder if the “open” zealots will call them on it.

1 thought on “Google’s Chrome Web Store: “Open” or “Closed”?

  1. I think they’ve answered this in the first question/answer of the FAQ at “Does this only work in Google Chrome?Because web apps listed in the Chrome Web Store are regular web applications, built with standard web tools, they can be used by anyone using a modern browser that supports these web technologies. Users accessing the Chrome Web Store through Google Chrome will have the ability to create convenient shortcuts for easily accessing their apps.”Sounds like anything there should work on a browser like Safari. Chrome just has basically a bookmarking ease-of-use advantage.- and yes, if that changes, or turns out not to be true, I, for one, will (try) to call them on it. (Not that I expect G to listen to me, but a few people out in the world do.)

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