Mashable: mumble mumble Google, Apple is evil, mumble mumble Google

Relative to other corporations, such as Apple, Google does a commendable job of not “being evil”, but it still controls a ton of user data and infringes on user freedoms in specific ways.

The dig at Apple is presented as a given before mentioning that Google has a ton of your data by the short hairs. It’s like, “Google may have you by the throat, but don’t worry because Apple is ‘evil’.” Further, the statement is made after earlier dismissing Apple’s strategy as a “one-man-one-device ethos”.

It’s not the Apple complaints I care about, it’s that they’re in this particular article. It’s fair game to slam Apple when writing about the company, but dubious in an article supposedly asking how “open” Google is. Why is Apple mentioned at all, unless it’s to run interference for a potential critique of Google? Poor Mashable! Unable to attempt a critical view of Google without dragging in the “one-man”.