Evil’s new career in marketing

I can’t help feeling that Evil is secretly scratching its scaly head over this whole situation, and is probably just “doing it for the money.” After all, the fact that Apple and Android have different philosophies is what gives people true freedom of choice. Slamming Apple for not being like Android is pretty pointless.

I tweeted this morning that I was tired of people using Apple as a club to hammer me with their (nonsense) political/philosophical views. The whole “evil” thing is a big part of that. This article gets it right.

1 thought on “Evil’s new career in marketing

  1. They should be thanking Apple…If you go to the history of Android on Wikipedia (scroll down), you’ll find a pic of what Android was going to be – a Blackberry clone – until Jobs showed them the light with the iPhone. Even though started (2005) before iPhone was released Google had to completely retool, that’s why they are just now (3-4 years after) getting anywhere close to what Apple introduced originally.Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_(operating_system)

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