My iPad vs. My MacBook: A Realization

It’s not forcing yourself to use a device that makes it part of what you do, it’s when you reach for something like the iPad involuntarily that you know it’s integrated itself comfortably into your life.

So true.

I let my daughter play with the iPad the other day—something I don’t do often because I have enough personal info on it to treat it private—and sat down in my office. Didn’t want to sit at the desk to read, so I decided to listen to music.

Only after putting headphones on did it occur to me that I have a MacBook I can use in the chair! Let’s see, where did I put it? Oh yes, behind the table next to the chair, on the floor, plugged in. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

It also occurred to me I haven’t brought my MacBook to Starbucks since I got the iPad. Further, on my recent trip to AZ I brought both devices, but the MacBook was never even taken out of the bag.

In short, I realized just how much I prefer the iPad for 90% of what I used the MacBook for. It’s a 13″ unibody that seems clumsy to me now. In fact, for most tasks it is clumsy compared to the iPad.

10 thoughts on “My iPad vs. My MacBook: A Realization

  1. I’ve read everyone’s opinion about the iPad but I’m still not quite sure its answered a question I have; would I need an iPad in addition to my 13″ MacBook pro? Is there a big difference or would I just be spending more money for essentially the same thing, so to speak?

  2. John, Yes PrintYes InteroperabilityNo iLifeNo Camera (neither do PCs, do you consider them toys, too?)Yes Optional apps (no Office)No on more RAM (though directly comparing RAM for tablets vs. PCs is silly)

  3. Print?Interoperability?iLife?Camera?Optional apps, such as Office? (Getting to join 95% of the rest of the world…see #2)More than an entire 256 MB RAM? (circa 1996)No times 6. Yes, a toy.

  4. I know noone will read this, but I would like to make my point.Personally, I think that iPads may be the future, but adding on is not replacing. The iPad will be there, but people will still use desktops. I, for one, think the future is more in stuff like Modbooks, laptops with a detachable tablet screen with a full Mac OS X. This is much better than the current iPad.Either way, a Macbook is more powerful, and has Mac OS X. It is undeniable that the iPad is agiant iPhone without the phone.

  5. This is quite funny. It’s like déja vú all over again. Poor Bob, I remember when macs were considered “toys”.I switched to a PowerBook G3 “Lombard” exclusively more than 10 years ago, abandoning a PowerMac. At the time, it was what I considered the first real desktop replacement in terms of speed, RAM and hard disk space.It’s funny I say, because I had to constantly explain just WHY I made the move. I had grown tired of setting up Macs at clients’ offices to suit my needs and carry all the files, fonts, apps and utilities I needed to work and sync them, etc., etc..Today the iPad has triggered a similar reaction, although I see and use my iPad as a satellite to my new 15″ i7 MacBook Pro, certainly not as any sort of replacement. Still, people constantly ask me WHY I bought an iPad. After I give the obligatory 5 to 10 minute demo, most “get it”, with many vowing to get one.

  6. I barely use my iMac and laptop since I got this iPad. They are now relegated to specific purposes. I still need them, but a lot less than before. I run an Internet music shop. We make and sell pan flutes. If I had a full version of Filemaker I could probably leave my laptop at home while traveling.

  7. Bob is old world but then to each his own and calling the iPad a toy shows what is and at. Such people will never realise what the future is. While the rest of the world is emulating the ‘toy’ of Apple.

  8. Seems like Bob really just cares about specs. I personally care more about ease of use. I bring my iPad to meetings instead of my MacBook and it functions perfectly. My boss brings his “icore whatever” Sony vaio. By the time I am done checking my emails and news his is just beginning to start up the desktop. I carry my iPad in my hand (wrapped in the Apple case) and an iPhone, my boss totes around a large computer bag filled with a laptop, charger and cord, camera and paper notepad (among other things). At home I no longer have to sit at a desk or balance a MacBook on a pillow while at the couch just to browse the web. I really enjoy the mobility the iPad provides.

  9. Bob,I couldn’t care less that you prefer a laptop to an iPad. That’s cool. What bugs me is the shallowness of the argument. The iPad is a toy? People used to say that years ago about the very machine you prefer today. 1987 called and wants its argument back.Meanwhile, why not a 17″ inch MacBook Pro? Sure, the 15″ is “more mobile”, but with its much larger screen and Express card slot the 17″ can do “so much more”. Guess that makes your 15″ a “toy”. For that matter, I guess anyone with a Mac Pro can write off your iMac as a “toy”, and so it goes… My point is that you can utilize a machine that meets your needs, or you can measure penises. The latter approach is just as ridiculous today as it was three decades ago.

  10. Never owned a notebook, Blackberry or iPhone and waited for the iPad for almost a year for mobile help to my 27″ i7 iMac. Tied a friends 13″ MacBook Pro and my son’s new iPad for a week.IPad is more mobile, but the MacBook Pro does so much more. Bought a 15″ i5 matte screen MacBook Pro. The iPad is a toy waiting to be dropped.

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