Apple Antitrust

It’s bad enough there’s no monopoly in phones for Apple to be accused of abusing, and nearly every article complaining about Apple admits this. Yet the subject keeps cropping because Apple’s competitors are asking the feds to slow Apple down, and it’s good PR for politicians. Whatever.

But now it’s gone so far as this:

But, Apple is walking a fine line, and will be increasingly scrutinized by the government. Each time provides additional risk for regulation.

This is nonsense. 

Let’s put it in sports terms: “Well, Bob, New York’s had three hits down the baseline that were close to being foul. The umpires will increasingly scrutinize further such hits. Each one provides additional risk for being foul.” 

That’s absurd. The thing is either fair or foul. No matter which, it’s over, done with, and has no bearing on future hits. Like flipping a coin 10 times in a row with tails, the next flip is still just 50-50 tails (spare me the mathematical precision that says I’m off by a few hundredths, the point stands).

This isn’t some freakin’ game where not only can you not break a rule, but apparently you’re only allowed a few times where you allegedly come close to breaking a rule—never mind Apple’s not close. This is lobbyists in Washington playing with politicians in Washington. It’s companies trying to to get their money’s worth. We should be appaled, not happy, if they succeed.

3 thoughts on “Apple Antitrust

  1. Apple can simply change the developer agreement so that every developer is an independent contractor to Apple.Once this is done, there is absolutely no case against Apple even if Apple sells the majority of cell phones.

  2. “It’s amazing to me the amount of cheerleaders (bloggers and journalists) there are spreading such nonsense…”Why the hate? Don’t call them cheerleaders. They are lobbying, too…and hoping to get paid.

  3. You are absolutely right. Google and Microsft (to name just two) spend a lot of money on lobbyist and right now they are looking to get their money worth. It’s amazing to me the amount of cheerleaders (bloggers and journalists) there are spreading such nonsense of

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