iPhone 4 Pre-Order Hell, Part 2 [u]


In my earlier article it was all about the servers being overloaded, so try again later. In the last half-hour or so the AT&T error message has changed to something much worse (above).

So it seems AT&T has all but shut off iPhone 4 pre-orders at this time. No, I don’t think they’re really upgrading the online account system; I think it’s dead.

For those thinking this may give Apple a better shot at updating, I’d remind you that Apple must check with AT&T for eligibility of the update (it’s why you have to enter the number, zip and SSN), and if AT&T can’t access their own account system, what chance does Apple have?

At this point I’m thinking AT&T has an issue they’re scrambling to fix, and as long as they’re spitting out the error above I don’t think there’s going to be a whole lot of upgrading going on.

[UPDATE:] The message has changed to that below. Now it’s a “system upgrade”, but in either case they’re saying the system is unavailable.