iPhone 4 Pre-Order Hell [u]


[UPDATE:] It gets worse

AT&T is much more efficient at telling me there’s an issue, so I won’t be updating the iPhone just yet. I get the above dialog relatively quickly after selecting the line on my family plan I want to upgrade. I love the touch about how you can call an 800 number if it’s non-iPhone related. What if it is iPhone related? Well, I guess you’re just screwed. 

For the record, I did call the standard AT&T number, got through to an agent in about six minutes, and was politely told they can do nothing about the iPhone. They can only be pre-ordered online or at an AT&T store, not via phone. 


Meanwhile, Apple takes much longer than AT&T to dash your hopes and dreams. Get used to seeing the above screen for a while. 


When the crushing blow is finally received, It comes in the form of either the error above or below.


It’s a little less frustrating than AT&T because they do admit they’re swamped. With either error, it’s basically an Apple admission that they can’t deal with the volume, so try again later. 

I deserve this, of course, because I didn’t stay up until past 1am last night to pre-order as soon as the systems came up. Lesson learned. If you want to pre-order the latest Apple goodies, make a pot of coffee and quit complaining.

3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Pre-Order Hell [u]

  1. All you had to do was wake up at 4:45 am EDT and hit the submit button for an hour. At least that worked for me.

  2. Rich,That was the second time (it went down once), but it originally came up around 1-1:30a PT. At least I’ve seen tweets to that effect.

  3. The system actually didn’t come on-line until around 8:00 am.

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