iPhone 4 Pre-Ordered. Finally. (But I Cheated.)

I’m now the proud owner of a virtual 32GB black iPhone 4. After all the issues I had with trying to upgrade via Apple and AT&T’s web sites, I bit the bullet and went to a local AT&T store. 

There was a line, and I slid in at #12. The manager was pulling his hair out, but said the line was moving and thanked me for my patience. He had a clipboard and was taking names to ensure it was first-come, first-served. It took about 40 minutes for my turn to come up (at least three people were called who weren’t there), and another 20 or so to complete the deal (the system died in the middle of the transaction the first time). All in all it was a pleasant enough experience.

I upgraded an eligible member of our family (on an original iPhone) plan who’s not me, and then I’ll swap our phones (I have a 3GS) when it comes in. AT&T’s fine with this, and it gets us lowest price possible on the phone ($299 for 32GB). Also bought AppleCare. 

The phone should be delivered to my house on June 24. Woot!

It really sucks that the online upgrade systems fail so badly today. On the other hand, it was nice to see AT&T staff busting their butts and getting it done for those who came in.

2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Pre-Ordered. Finally. (But I Cheated.)

  1. WyldKard,Yes, one member on our family plan is eligible, so I bought the iPhone 4 for her. When it arrives, it will be activated with her phone number. But then I’ll just take it and my phone to the AT&T store and they’ll swap the numbers. They have no problem with this. Heck, the receipt even says you can do it. The only trick is to buy and activate it with the eligible number first, then do the swap by bringing both phones in.

  2. So to clarify, you’re buying a 4G with the discount you get by having an original iPhone on your plan, but you’ll be using the phone number of the 3GS on the new 4G? I would love to do something similar, but the AT&T rep I spoke to today did not propose this possibility (she said I was out of luck on the discount since the wrong phone on the plan was eligible).

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