iPhone 4 had a great day, but not that great

We won’t know for sure how many iPhones were preordered today until & unless Apple and AT&T choose to share, but it’s easy to say ‘millions’ with a straight face.

No it isn’t.

I’m thrilled Apple sold out their 6/24 allotment everywhere, and think iPhone 4 is off to a tremendous start. Still, millions ordered on the first day, pre-order only, and white isn’t even available? No way.

8 thoughts on “iPhone 4 had a great day, but not that great

  1. Tom, I think you may have misinterpreted my comment. I was just patting myself on the back for being more accurate TUAW. Which probably isn’t very hard. I am too just happy to see such adoption. I will be picking up mine at Best Buy at noon of the 24th (couldn’t get through on Apple.com so I drove to a Best Buy and preordered).

  2. I posted that before we got some figures as to what sold out meant. At the time it could have been 500K or 5M.

  3. Matt, I neither agreed nor disagreed with your 2M estimate. I only pointed out it would be for 13 days of sales. Basically, you’re predicting millions in 13 days, whereas the article I linked to predicted millions on the first day. The latter seemed ridiculous to me. PXLated,Reconsider what? I said there was no way the iPhone 4 sold millions yesterday, and was correct. Heck, I’m just happy I was able to pre-order mine. 🙂

  4. Apple and AT&T has confirmed 600,000 for yesterday. Obviously not millions, but apparently it was 10x the demand of the 3GS. I feel pretty safe on my “close to two million” estimate.

  5. PXLated,I’m not worried. Millions in one day, especially when they’re only pre-orders, is just not happening. Matt,In the first four days beginning June 24 means up to June 27, at which point it will have been on sale for 13 days (from the 15th). Two million by then? Maybe, maybe not. 🙂

  6. With in-store sales and pre-ordering of the white, it is possible that Apple will sell close to two million in the first four days, beginning July 24th.

  7. No Way? Will be fun to see if you have to eat them there words 🙂

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