MobileMe Maintenance Tonight


The system will be unavailable for two hours.

While I’d love for Apple to throw in a surprise feature or two (e.g., smooth iDisk integration with the iPad’s iWork apps, or OTA Note syncing) I suspect this is simply the equivalent of yesterday’s iTunes upgrade. There’ll be iOS 4 and iPhone 4 compatibility changes, maybe some big fixes, and that’s it.

4 thoughts on “MobileMe Maintenance Tonight

  1. that exact functionality is what i’ve been playing with in ios 4.0.the notes app on my iphone syncs wirelessly, everywhere, with mac’s mail.appi would guess ios 4.0 on ipad would do the same.

  2. Kevin,Actually, I meant keeping iPhone’s (and iPad’s) Notes apps in sync with the Notes facility on the Mac (currently in the Mail app). To be honest, I signed up for a Simplenote premium account a few days ago, so it doesn’t matter much to me anymore. I now have a notes syncing solution for my iDevices and Macs.

  3. aye, you meant notes on the website.i feel like doofus now.

  4. I just setup OTA notes syncing with ios 4.0 on my iphone last night. Rather than being a feture of mobile me, it works with any imap server. I can’t imagine it coming to the ipad before ios 4.0 does.

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