Verizon iPhone in September? I Still Doubt It

I wrote about this a few months ago, and still believe the same. If the rumors of a CDMA iPhone are even true, it seems most likely it would be for international use.

1 thought on “Verizon iPhone in September? I Still Doubt It

  1. As a cell phone user/subscriber, I am ambivalent about iPhone on Verizon – I’m not sure I would be tempted to switch if the prices were the same.However, as an AAPL investor and an observer of the cell phone platform battle, I think it would be awesome if the iPhone came to Verizon. I think there are a ton (zillion, gobs, buttloads, etc.) of people who would get an iPhone if it was offered on Verizon. This would increase iOS marketshare and also give us a truer sense of the desirability of iPhone vs Android rather than Verizon vs AT&T.I have to believe that the iPhone is staying exclusively on AT&T because of a sweet financial arrangement between AT&T andApple. Margins may go down, but hey, they’ll make it up in volume 😉

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