AT&T To Allow Phone Number Swapping For iPhone 4 Without A Store Visit?

However, if the number you used to order your device is NOT the number you intend to use with your iPhone 4, follow these simple steps when your device arrives and an ATT representative will help you activate.

I bought my iPhone 4 using an eligible number on our family plan with the intent of swapping it to my number after activation. The eligible member of the family would end up with my 3GS; I’d get the 4.

AT&T has no problem with this. In fact, it’s written in the purchase receipt and confirmation email that if you plan to swap phones you just have to bring both of them into a store after the new one is activated.

However, today we got a text message from AT&T linking to the above page. It seems AT&T has set it up so that phone swapping can be done over the phone, there’s no need for a store visit. Cool!

Will this work? I never know if AT&T’s ideas, even the good ones, will get implemented right. Obviously, I’ll follow the procedure and see what happens. Worst case scenario is I go to the store and wait in line like I’d already planned to. Doing it over the phone would sure be nice, though.

3 thoughts on “AT&T To Allow Phone Number Swapping For iPhone 4 Without A Store Visit?

  1. Joseph,You can’t swap SIMs between previous iPhones and the iPhone 4 because the former are regular SIMs and the latter’s a mini.

  2. Hey Tom,You can also activate the line that’s eligible, then swap the SIM later with any other number. This works very nice.

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