Interesting take on the iPhone 4 reception issue

According to a trusted source, there are multiple points on the iPhone 4’s frame for antenna reception. Our source says that the issues “can and will” be addressed by tweaking, balancing, and/or redistributing antennae reception and/or signal strength display via software. When asked if it could be a hardware issue, our source said, “Don’t be silly. It’s not the hardware. Apple’s too smart for that. In fact, most any hardware maker is too smart for that.”

iOS 4.0.1?

1 thought on “Interesting take on the iPhone 4 reception issue

  1. Apple resolved this problem with the iPhone 3G and I am confident that my new iPhone 4 will have a fix soon. Although, I must say, it only happens on mine when the bottom left corner is touched, but it does still happen. Also, the iPhone 4 is an amazing device. It makes my 3G look and feel very, very old. And the screen, well, it looks like it was finely painted onto the glass.

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