Apple’s New iPhone 4 Ads: A FaceTime Future?

Nevertheless, the ads are emotional proofs of concept for a future that will eventually be real for many millions, whether that future is brought about by the iPhone 4 or not.

You can see all four new ads on Apple’s site. I think they’re all well done, with my personal favorite being “Haircut”.

But the ads mean less to me than Mashable’s quote above. They seem to have forgotten Apple made FaceTime an open standard.

Unless Android handset makers are idiots, they should be fighting to be first to market with FaceTime on an Android phone. (Oh, and Microsoft should push for this in the first WP7 phone, too.) It’s not about Apple, per se, but rather the technology they’ve made available to everyone.

If hardware makers don’t blow it, this “concept for a future that will eventually be real for many millions” will be brought about through Apple’s work, not through their phone. For FaceTime, think of iPhone 4 as Apple’s model to show other hardware makers how it’s done.

1 thought on “Apple’s New iPhone 4 Ads: A FaceTime Future?

  1. Google and the Android phone makers would have to be idiots to cut off their nose to spite their face to try to (1) push a different video chat protocol or (2) leave FaceTime support off the shipping phone — given the network effects of millions of video phone toting iPhone 4 owners. But that’s assuming Google/Android care enough to take care of this themselves. Likely some random developers will just throw a half dozen Android apps up and tell users to download some FaceTime app (sort of defeating the purpose of having a phone that “does video calls out of the box”). Smart carriers will push this as a major feature because they will see that there will be one video call system and it will be FaceTime. Dumb carriers will create alternatives to FaceTime or ignore it at best — and wonder why no one, not even the geeks, actually DO make video calls (even if they CAN) with those fancy front facing cameras.

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