Apple Crushes Everyone In Cell Phone Customer Satisfaction Ratings


Surveys of consumers’ future buying habits mean very little. If consumers did what they said in surveys, products made via those surveys would be raging successes, but they’re not. Apple, perhaps famously, eschews such surveys, contending a customer doesn’t know what they want until they see it. So even though the future looks great for Apple in the article’s surveys, it means little to me.

There is, however, one type of survey that’s very important. Customer Satisfaction is not about the future, it’s about real people who own the device now, and how happy they are with it. I would argue it’s the only survey that really matters. Look at that chart. Apple crushes everyone by such a wide margin the other guys should be revamping their support policies, procedures and staff, not their product lines.

4 thoughts on “Apple Crushes Everyone In Cell Phone Customer Satisfaction Ratings

  1. I understand and agree, Tom. I only remarked that for the sake of disclosure. :)My first gen iPod touch died on me recently, but that notwithstanding, I’ll just wait for the new ones to come out and buy another touch. Why? Simply because there’s nothing that comes even close to it in the market of PMPs!Gosh, it would be hard to find competition even for the first gen iPod touch, who say for the fourth that’s coming in September. 😛

  2. Halex,I appreciate that, but think the only people who point it out are those who think the numbers deserve an asterisk, or aren’t meaningful, or don’t matter. None of that is true. I’d bet most people will, like me, find the iPhone an improvement on even the 3GS I previously owned. I’d never go back to that phone now. I could easily say iPhone 4 will INCREASE Apple’s rating, not lower it. In any case, speculation on what impact the iPhone 4 may have is no better than speculation on future buying habits. It’s meaningless. I’ll take the latest data from real owners of the various companiy’s phones over wishful thinking one way or the other any day.

  3. I assume you do know this research was done before the iPhone 4 hit the streets. (Not that your post states contrariwise, but maybe it would be good to make that clear.)

  4. But, but, how could this be? All of those companies either make or will make an “iPhone Killer”.OK, I will stop being sarcastic. This clearly shows what happens when a company devotes years to making a phone and software that works great together and what happens when many other companies do not.

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