Translating Samsung’s attempt to discredit iPhone 4S

Following is a translation of Samsung’s distributed talking points about the iPhone 4S compared to their Galaxy series of phones. 

the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S II has 42% more screen area and Sprint / T-Mobile versions of Galaxy S II have 58% more screen area than the iPhone 4S.

Ignore that screen sizes are all over the place, and rest assured the Galaxy is huge. Hope you have big pockets. And hands.

The Galaxy S II HSPA+ network speeds are at least 50% faster with AT&T 21 MBPS and three times faster with T-Mobile’s 42 MBPS than the iPhone 4S’s 14 MBPS HSPA network.

Our theoretical you-will-never-see-them speeds are faster than their theoretical you-will-never-see-them speeds. 

Galaxy S II continues to have the thinnest smartphone design 

We’re huge, but a millimeter thinner. 

Open Ecosystem – Consumers can use the Galaxy S II to buy music from Amazon, Rhapsody, or a variety of other music services, as well as multiple cloud music services supported such as Amazon, Google Music and multiple video chat clients available for use including Google Chat and Skype. The Samsung Galaxy S II is not limited to a single manufacturer’s storefront or app store.

The iPhone uses the #1 music store in the world, Galaxy doesn’t. 

In short, until we add a cheap Siri knockoff and a few other features for which we’ll kipe Apple’s icon designs, just ignore the iPhone 4S.

5 thoughts on “Translating Samsung’s attempt to discredit iPhone 4S

  1. iNot,As opposed to looking like a douche leaving douchey comments? Talking to your phone? Yeah, in your world no one does that, not even if they’re called. Talking to a phone. Ridiculous! You nailed it. :-/

  2. Siri will be relegated to the dust bin with last year’s ‘magical’ invention. Facetime – yeah remember that?Nobody wants to look like a douche walking down the street talking to their phones – except perhaps the sheeple.

  3. actually according to trading standards in the UK the Galaxy SII isn’t thiner than the iPhone 4 due to overall thickness of the device.

  4. While vlingo does offer some similarities to Siri, it doesn’t offer the integration you see between the iPhone 4S and Siri. For example, while you can ask vlingo, “how many days till Christmas?” and it will respond. It will not accept, “What’s the traffic like around here?” and display a result. Also won’t set up appointments. Plus you have to open the app, which requires pushing buttons etc. etc.

  5. Actually, there is a cheap knock off of Siri, it’s called Vlingo and it is available for not only Android, but for other mobile OS’s, including the iPhone!

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