Best Jony Ive Quote Today

Committees just don’t work, and it’s not about price, schedule or a bizarre marketing goal to appear different – they are corporate goals with scant regard for people who use the product.

I couldn’t get the essence of this quote into a tweet.

It perfectly explains why Apple’s competitors are struggling to keep up. “Bizarre marketing goals” are why we have Pico projectors, or 41MP cameras, or styluses, or whatever crammed into new devices. It’s something different for the sake of something different, but it’s no way to build something better.

2 thoughts on “Best Jony Ive Quote Today

  1. David, It’s not about solving their own problems, but rather those that matter the most to the most people. It’s not that a Pico projector may never be needed in a smartphone anywhere, by anyone, but rather that the use case is so small you’ve made a device *very* few people will want. And you did so just for the sake of being different, without thought to where the profitability comes in.This is also true of the 41MP camera and, yes, the stylus. Heck, especially the stylus, since the 100 people that want one can select from several on the iPad accessories market. Making it the “differentiator” of your device is not only misguided, it’s incorrect.

  2. But… but… while Ive is right in some respects, it only really works if you’re trying to solve your own problems.I can’t do fine handwriting without a stylus, for example, so when I’m doing notes for my maths course then an iPad is almost useless. Similarly, the 41MP camera you refer to isn’t about taking 41MP images but oversampling in order to achieve the goal of high image quality within a small body.Committees aren’t design bodies, and they can serve a valuable purpose, but like all tools they can be misused.

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