A Test Post Using WordPress iOS App

At the time the first version of WordPress for iOS came out, I was looking for an alternative to blogging that would be less work, and more iOS-friendly. That first WP version was a disaster. Little functionality, and a crashy, buggy piece of code. Horrible, really.

I ultimately settled on Posterous for blogging, and loved it. Unfortunately, it’s been sold to Twitter and its future does not look bright. I’m looking to move off of it, so am visiting WordPress again—on my old site—and it’s latest iOS app. This time on the iPad.

I really wish more blog editors wold let me write WYSIWYG, but at least the WP app has buttons for the most common HTML elements.


This makes bold, italic, or adding links like this one a breeze. You can paste in the link or type it in. For the latter, it has the good sense to show the “URL keyboard” to make things easier. The app has a preview function in it to see what it should look like on your site. The preview’s not perfect, but it gets the main elements right.

It’s also easy to do bulleted or numbered lists. In short, here’s what I like about the app so far:

  • Easy HTML keys
  • Good Performance
  • Decent preview

Here’s what I don’t like:

  • Would prefer WYSIWYG
  • Page-accurate previews

Oh, and here’s an ordered list just to show one:

  1. Do this first.
  2. Do this after that first thing.

You can keep the article local to the iPad, but it’s better to publish it to WP periodically as a draft. Once happy with the article, you change it from Draft to Published and do a final update. (Of course, once on the site as a Draft you could do it all from there as well.)

Bottom line is this is an easy app to use, and makes quick work of basic HTML formatting. I would still write the bulk of my posts in a text editor, but then I’d dump them in the app for final editing and formatting. This just might work.

This just might work.

Yeah, it does block quotes and emoticons, too. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Test Post Using WordPress iOS App

  1. Try Blogsy!

    It is very close to Wysiwyg and on an iPad. It allows you to post to many types of Blogs including Word Press and Blogger. I use both sites for blogging and has been very easy to use. It can be a bit difficult at the beginning to understand, but persevere! It allows you to drag and drop pictures to where you want them, most of the time. It has been updated fairly often and definitely beats “Word Press’ ” own software by a LONG ways.

    At the present time, I would not consider any other software for my blogs and I do everything on my iPad. If itis vector graphics, not illustrator on the desktop, but InkPad. I have little reason to use my desktop anymore, except for “Consumption”. My iPad is for creation work now! Go figure!

  2. Welcome back to WordPress Tom, there’s a few other things which the WordPress app for iOS misses – such as sharing your own posts from within the app etc.
    I love your theme by the way, I believe it was the first one I used when I started with WordPress a couple of years back

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