Samsung disses ARM and iPads while praising Atom and whatever tablet they can grunt out next

“…but there is an even broader market for consumers who want an iPad format but also want more functionality, more grunt, more IO… While the ARM-based processor in the iPad is a great chip it’s not designed for crunching spreadsheets and all those other things that the traditional notebook does.”

So says Emmanuele Silanesu, Samsung’s Australian IT marketing manager.

The ARM processor was designed to get maximum “grunt” with minimum power draw and heat dissipation. It was designed to do what Intel’s trying like crazy to do with the Atom processor now. With only partial success, if the performance of devices with Atom chips is any indication.

Apple has a great recent relationship with Intel, so why did they pass on the Atom for their mobile devices? You think Intel wasn’t ready to give Apple a killer price? Of course they were. Apple passed because the chip’s not there yet, and they knew it.

But you go right on “crunching spreadsheets” on your Q1, Mr. Silanesu. I just hope it’s not the same spreadsheet used to determine if that Q1 would be a success.