Apple Home Server: My Time Capsule Prepared For Shipment.

Order status is as follows:


Right now in my home I have a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router and backup my iMac (via Time Machine) to an external USB 320GB drive. For printing I have an HP DeskJet 5850, which is a true wireless device. This setup works well, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Linksys or HP printer to anyone interested.

However, I now have have two machines with wireless “N” networking — one of them my new MacBook currently not backing up to anything — so Time Capsule should be an excellent upgrade for me.

I realize that “N” networking won’t change my internet (cable modem) speeds, but between what I want now and in the future TC provides the following:

  • The two Macs should communicate faster between them, useful since I like iChat’s screen sharing function, and also swap/share files quite a bit.
  • “N” will help with wireless backups, which I intend to do. I plan to backup both machines to TC, so my external drive can go, and be one less power cord and USB device on my floor.
  • I’ll have a more secure WAP2 wireless network to replace my 64-bit WEP.
  • My printer has maybe a year left in it; I don’t want to have to seek a wireless printer to replace it. With TC I can get any printer(s) I want and share easily, especially nice since I’m thinking of having both a color inkjet and B/W laser.
  • I have the expandability of plugging in USB hard drive(s) for file sharing.
  • There’s MAC address filtering and NAT firewall (the latter I’ll definitely use).
  • Oh, and it’s a three-port GB Ethernet switch.

Put all the above together and it means TC is a “home server” done easy, done small, and done affordably. In other words, done right. Meanwhile, Microsoft thinks a home server must be yet another PC running a variation of Windows. Just one more example of the clear and distinct difference in the philosophy of these two companies.

I ordered a 500GB TC on 1/29, and from the above status it looks like it may be shipping soon. I’ll be sure to post my thoughts on if it meets my expectations.