Dear Verizon and Sprint Customers: Welcome to Hell

The Bold 9650 is the¬†successor¬†to the BlackBerry Tour that is currently on Verizon and Sprint. It adds Wi-Fi and RIM’s new optical track pad, which has been seen on newer BlackBerrys, like the Bold2 and Curve 8520.

I’ve been using the Bold 9700 (aka the Bold2) for over a month. It’s crap. Yes, I know it’s RIM’s flagship QWERTY model — and even better than what they announced for Verizon and Sprint — but it’s still crap.

Honestly, in the age of modern smartphones (iPhone, Nexus One, Droid, Palm Pre, etc.) it’s hard to imagine anything as out of place as a Blackberry. It’s like buying a brand new PC with Windows 98 on it.

This might be the worst case of denial I’ve ever seen.

[RIM co-chief Mike Lazaridis] claimed that most of the people who bought touchscreen-only phones in the past two years were going back to phones with hardware QWERTY keyboards, whether touch-enabled or otherwise. It’s those keyboards that made RIM “famous,” he said.

Really? Is this why RIM continues “Buy One Get One” deals on their traditional QWERTY Blackberry models while working furiously to get a modern phone built with the Storm, then Storm 2?

I’ve had Blackberry’s flagship QWERTY phone (Bold 9700) for nearly a month now. It may have been something before electricity, but compared to a modern smartphone it’s crap.