Doesn’t China Have Some Part In This?

But Foxconn doesn’t exist solely to produce electronics for Apple. All of the largest Android OEM’s also contract Foxconn to produce their devices in factories in China, Brazil, Mexico, Poland and the Czech Republic.

HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo and others contract Foxconn to manufacture products for them in the same complex where iPhones are made. Their devices are made by the same over worked, under paid, under age workers, yet none are mentioned in the Business Insider article. None. Not one. Not even Samsung, the sometimes largest smartphone vendor in the world. Just Apple.

The quoted article (and headline) is in response to Henry Blodget’s piece at Business Insider.

iPhone On Verizon? I Think The WSJ Jumped The Gun.

With Apple developing a phone with CDMA capability, its exclusive U.S. arrangement with AT&T dating to 2007 appears set to end.

First of all, they say it like it’s fact, when all they have is a source said to be “briefed by the company”. Hmm, yes, those sources are always accurate.

In addition, even if Apple is working on a CDMA-based phone, it’s just as likely a TD-SCDMA phone for China as one for Verizon in the US. Verizon’s 80M customers pale next to China Mobile’s 500M.