Affordable Mac Alternatives For Adobe CS5

This week? Adobe. Listen up. You have some great stuff, but increasingly, your sweet suites are bloated, crash happy, expensive, and sometimes don’t behave like a good Mac app citizen.

Like Microsoft, Adobe has milked it’s cash cow for 15+ years for all that they can get. I realize that, for true professionals, they can earn back the upgrade price in one job, but the vast majority of Adobe’s customers are not such professionals, and are paying too much.

The above article discusses alternatives for such customers. Powerful and productive programs for less money (a lot less money) than Adobe’s offerings. Unless you literally rely on CS for a living, you should check them out.

The Graphic Mac: Why I won’t upgrade to the latest Creative Suite 5

I cannot justify the $599 price tag for the Design Premium suite upgrade. I realize that every serious and rational designer on the planet charges enough for a single brochure design to nearly pay for the full $1,899 Suite, I choose to low-ball my competition by working day and night on a corporate logo for $100, and only charge roughly $200 for a brochure. How do you expect me to pay for this professional software?

A humorous post to start your Friday. A few commenters didn’t get it, but it’s funny stuff.