Maybe the dolphins really are smarter.

People thought the events described in the piece were real and sent hate mail to Cory Doctorow.


It got bad enough that John Moltz added a disclaimer to his satiric piece.

Sometimes I have great faith in human intelligence. Other times I see things like this and weep for all of humanity.

EFF Furious That Apple Is Successful

Overall, the Agreement is a very one-sided contract… That’s not unusual where end-user license agreements are concerned… If Apple wants to be a real leader, it should be fostering innovation and competition

Pretty much all you need to know from the EFF’s screed.

Seriously, there’s nothing particularly unusual here, and they admit as much. Still, they rant anyway because there are so many iPhone developers that apparently disagree with their stance.

The last line is classic. As if Apple didn’t ramp up innovation and competition by developing the iPhone in the first place. As if the Nexus One, Palm Pre, Blackberry Storm, Motorola Droid, and countless others would ever have seen the light of day if not for Apple’s obvious innovation.