The Graphic Mac: Why I won’t upgrade to the latest Creative Suite 5

I cannot justify the $599 price tag for the Design Premium suite upgrade. I realize that every serious and rational designer on the planet charges enough for a single brochure design to nearly pay for the full $1,899 Suite, I choose to low-ball my competition by working day and night on a corporate logo for $100, and only charge roughly $200 for a brochure. How do you expect me to pay for this professional software?

A humorous post to start your Friday. A few commenters didn’t get it, but it’s funny stuff.

You should be able to do this in 24 hours…

Client: “Can you have these wireframes done by tomorrow?”

Me: “Possibly.  Can you please send me a list of the functionality required for this site?”

Client: “Sure:

Click the link to see the requirements for a site the client would like to have wireframed in one day.

If you’re not routinely visiting the Clients From Hell site, you should. It’s a hoot.

April Fools: Apple Clones Steve Jobs

Apple said it will be exercising its cash hoard to fund expanded facilities capable of mass cloning additional iterations of Steve Jobs, creating an army of intense, creative thinkers it plans to use in taking over the automotive industry, rebuilding America’s educational system, and designing new fonts.

I’m shocked to be linking to an April Fool’s piece. Like many, I find most of them try too hard, and miss the mark. But the above is clever, and a nice read. Besides, who doesn’t want new fonts?